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Parse tree pattern matcher

We have a small domain-specific language that we use to define patterns to look for in tree-sitter parse trees. This DSL enables us to rapidly define new syntactic scope types and support new programming languages.



TYPEMatch node type
Dot operator(.)Type hierarchy between parent and child
Wildcard op(*)Match any type
Negation op(~)Match any type other than what is specified after ~
Important op(!)Use this node as result instead of parent.
By default the leftmost/top node is used
Optional op(?)Node is optional. Will match if available.
Field op([field])Return child node at given field.
Index op([n])Return nth named child node.

Multiple patterns

When using multiple patterns evaluation will be performed top to bottom and the first pattern too match will be used.

["export_statement?.class_declaration", "export_statement.class"];