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Tweaking crawling / indexing / ranking

Unfortunately, today, the source of truth for the Algolia search configuration lives in the Algolia web console. Whenever we update the configuration, we update the copies that we keep in source control. In the future, we'd like to use the files in source control as the source of truth and deploy them to Algolia in CI. See #917.

To see what changes we've made to the default configuration, compare the contents of this directory with

Crawler config

  1. Use the crawler console to experiment with the config until it works as expected.
  2. Copy the new crawler config and paste it to crawler-settings.js
  3. IMPORTANT Replace the apiKey field with "<REDACTED>"
  4. File a PR to get feedback on the new config
  5. Press the Save button in the crawler console to persist the new config.
  6. Use the crawler overview to start a new crawl.

Index settings

  1. Use the Algolia console to tweak the settings until you're happy.
  2. Click on Manage index > Export Configuration to export the configuration json, saving it to index-settings.json
  3. File a PR to get feedback on the new config.