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How-to guides

This section contains some how-to guides for common tasks.

How do I paste to a target?

"paste to air"

To replace a target with the contents of the clipboard, say "paste to <target>".


"to <target>" is an example of a Destination. See Destinations for more information.

How do I run a VSCode task / bash shell command on a target?

  1. Add a VSCode task to your tasks.json (say "please open tasks"):

    "label": "Echo",
    "type": "shell",
    "command": "echo",
    "args": ["${selectedText}"]

    (replace echo / Echo with your actual command name)

  2. Add a spoken form to your vscode.talon:

    echo <user.cursorless_target>:
    user.cursorless_command("setSelection", cursorless_target)
    user.run_rpc_command("workbench.action.tasks.runTask", "Echo")

    (replace echo / Echo with your actual command name)

You can now say eg "echo air past bat".


See the Talon-side api docs for more on creating custom Cursorless commands